Liberal Government, shuts out voices of those affected by PTSD

QUEEN’S PARK : NDP Labour critic Cindy Forster (MPP, Welland) issued the following statement regarding the Liberal government’s attempt to shut down debate on landmark Post Traumatic Stress Disorder legislation.

“The Liberal government’s decision to shut down debate on PTSD legislation is appalling and flies in the face of accountability, openness and transparency.

The legislation has been introduced over five times in the last eight years by NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo and has been ignored repeatedly by the Liberal government. Now in their sudden rush to get it passed, important front line professions like nurses, special constables, and parole officers might not have the opportunity to be heard in committee or be covered by this legislation as well – they deserve so much better.

New Democrats will continue to support all at-risk front line workers and their families and we’ll continue our fight to ensure they can access the help they need when it’s needed most.”


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