St.Catharines – After meeting with seniors from CARP’s Niagara chapter today , Cindy Forster, MPP for Welland, demanded the Wynne government stop its proposed increase to the cost of prescription drugs for seniors, included in the recently released 2016 provincial budget.

“Since the Ontario budget came out we have been hearing from seniors here in St.Catharines and across Ontario, who are worried about how they’ll pay for prescription drugs this summer,” Forster said.

The budget says that, starting on August 1st, the Liberals will nearly double the cost of prescription drugs for most seniors, with no consultation and no warning. One in three Ontario Seniors require 10 or more prescriptions to stay healthy, independent, and out of hospital.

Recently Premier Wynne said she needs until the end of the month to “consult” on whether to raise the income threshold.

“It just goes to show just how out of touch this government has become. Despite what the Premier may think, a senior living on $19,500 a year is not a rich senior, by any means,” Forster said. “This change by the Liberal government could force many seniors to choose between their groceries and their good health, as they’ll find it too expensive to fill their monthly prescriptions.”

Forster is urging the public to sign a petition directed at their local MPP and Premier Wynne to stop the Liberal government’s budget proposal to increase the financial burden on Ontario seniors.

“More seniors could end up in hospital because they can’t afford their medicine, rather than living with dignity at home. That’s just wrong. Seniors deserve our respect, and they shouldn’t have to pay more for the prescriptions they need,” Forster said.

“This budget still has to be voted on in the Legislature. It is not yet law. The Premier’s consultation ends at the end of the month. Now is the time to voice your concern to your local MPP and to Premier Kathleen Wynne to stop this financial hit on our seniors.”


Media Contact: Robin Nieto, 416-325-5105